Kify Foundation Mission : The mission of is to improve education and health standards of the world’s poorest. Philosophy : Graced with abundance, we took the initiative to make a difference in the lives of people who are born into staggering poverty and disease. We believe that each of us, through shared responsibility and participation, can and should act to improve the health and education of people throughout the world and break the vicious cycle of poverty.

”The advancements in medicine, agriculture, science and technology are phenomenal as far as 21st century is concerned. This achievement, however, appears to be abysmal when over a billion people languish in illiteracy and disease and nearly half of the world lives on a meager less than Rs.100 a day. There is certainly a strong link between literacy and poverty. I believe in the philosophy that if you give a man fish, you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. This effort by Kify is merely a drop in ocean with a gigantic task ahead.” –Dr. Subrahmanyam KaruturiMD, FRCP (Glasgow, UK), FACP (USA), Founder, Kify Hospital.

“An ignorant man has eyes to see but sees nothing, has ears  to hear but hears nothing, has a tongue to speak but speaks nothing. The ignorant can never understand the hidden mysteries of knowledge. But it is to the learned alone that knowledge reveals its true nature, just as a woman longing to meet her husband,  dresses in her best and puts on her finest jewelry, so as to display her charms to him.” – Rig Veda

“A man/woman should learn by reading and listening to intelligent and wise people. He/She should teach and spread the knowledge gained, to others regularly. As one gets knowledge from others, same way he/she should give that knowledge to others because no religion (here religion means Dharma or Duty) is bigger than (Vidhyadaan) spreading the education and knowledge to the mankind.” – Rig Veda

Kify Foundation supports Kify Diabetes

Kify Diabetes (www.kifydiabetes.comis a health based social network of people sharing their diabetic experiences, treatment options, knowledge and giving support to other people suffering from diabetes. Its a place to talk about how to live well with diabetes, ask questions, share information about what is working for you, get sympathy, exchange ideas, request and recommend the best doctors, support and friendship from other patients suffering from diabetes. You can also talk about what drugs, herbs, supplements and alternative methods work. By sharing your diabetic health experiences, you can help others and improve their quality of life. Kify Diabetes Support Group help you to overcome the health problem by networking with people all around the world who have a similar health problem. Even volunteers, caregivers and medical professionals can join and throw a helpful advice and cheer up a fellow human being. Kify Diabetes is just a hub connecting people from all around the world to share their diabetic health experiences and seek help.

“When I realized that the information a diabetic patient had built up from his experience could help similar patients, I started Kify Diabetes: to help as many diabetic patients as I possibly could and share the information other similar patients learned with them. But I knew there were tons of diabetic patients around the world who had gone through their own journeys and had extremely valuable health information to share themselves. And by sharing it, they could help similar patients. Kify Diabetes makes it possible for patients around the world to share and learn from one another. I believe strongly in the power of connecting people. I think that when motivated people are connected, greatness is produced. If we’ve done our job right with Kify Diabetes, the interface itself should fade into the background, and the relationships on the website should shine. ” – Dr. Subrahmanyam Karuturi, MD, FRCP (Glasgow, UK), FACP (USA), Founder, Kify Diabetes.

“Can you imagine a world where every diabetic patient is instantly connected with every other similar patient? Where the treatments that work (whether allopathy, alternative or in between) surface from the collective intelligence of diabetic patients distributed throughout the world? The causes, cures, and treatments we can discover from the symphony of patient experiences going on in real-time throughout the world, to Kify Diabetes, is a mind blowing proposition.  Let the diabetic patient revolution begin”. – Dr. Subrahmanyam KaruturiMD, FRCP (Glasgow, UK), FACP (USA), Founder, Kify Diabetes.